Sunday, November 22, 2009

Breakfast . . .

Most technically, my title is completely inaccurate. This tale actually has nothing to do with the breaking of fast that occurs every morning when I eat a bowl of hot cereal soon after waking up. But, following some colloquial custom, I suppose it will do. The day passed as days do--full of events and emotions and everything else . . . but I won't get into that now. Right now is not about breakfast or the passing of the day. It is really about what occurred as the day reached its close. Mourning the loss of a dear friend (may the 10 days that she is spending with her family pass in haste), Krista and I were left to our own devices. And while we were engaging with said devices I had the sudden urge to eat pancakes and eggs. Yes it was 10:00 at night and no that did not stop me. I whipped together some sunny side up eggs and corn pancakes with honey and ate until I was full. Did my body really need all that energy so close to bed time? Hardly. Was that a concern? Not tonight! And let me tell you--it was delicious.

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