Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Scene in an Airport

We are sitting in the Albuquerque Airport, it is 1:29 pm, and our flight doesn't leave for another hour. We are surrounded by people in a similar boat (or terminal, as the case may be) and the scene is definitely worth reading about. In the lull between the actions of getting through security and actually getting on the plane, people all need to be thoroughly occupied--Heaven forbid we spend an entire hour with nothing but out minds. So what do we do? We rely on the true American pastime--eating. The man across from me is eating pretzels and coffee, the women to the right of me are eating a picnic of cheese and crackers, behind me some people are eating ice cream from the airport Baskin Robins, and my brothers and I are eating Mike and Ikes and Whoppers. When the food runs out, so does our attention and we all rummage through our bags trying to find something to occupy us: I pull out my computer to blog about the scene, Arthur pulls out his computer to look at facebook . . . five people have books out but aren't reading them, two have books out that they are actually reading . . . and then Richelle calls because she is in the airport in Michigan with down time too . . .

Anyway, I'm diverted and I hope you are too.

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