Sunday, November 8, 2009

Soprano in the Basement

Here find the explanation that any who happened to pass through the Wilkinson Center on a certain Tuesday (November 3, in case you were unclear as to which certain Tuesday I was referring) around 6:00pm:

Wafting through the hallways were the voices of some 150 women in black chiffon, velvet, and glitter singing an enraged love duet by Handel. Thus far, no explanation needed. But wait--as you enjoy "No, di voi non vo fidarmi," which you are thinking is "For unto us a Child is Born" you suddenly here a woman adamantly saying "raise the roof! raise the roof!" over and over and you are thinking, "okay, what is happening right now." Yes, Sister Applonie was telling the entire Women's Chorus to raise the roof. But, no, it was not what you are thinking. Much as we would all like to think that Sister A. had her hands in the air and was bustin' a move to the choral stylings of Handel, the reality of the situation is that she was hounding us on our poor technique and telling us to raise the roofs of our mouths. But between Handel's work being sung by a premier choir (if I do say so myself . . . and I do), Sister Applonie shouting "raise the roof!", and us pulling off a concert 7 days after our last one, I think we all felt like rock stars--raised roofs and busted moves included.

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