Monday, November 9, 2009

Pear and Gruyère

If you are reading this right now and have ever pushed a daisy, you probably know Ned. My instinctual hope if you ever have pushed a daisy and are reading this right now is that you are at this very moment being timed. And that in about 45 seconds and counting you won't be reading this or anything else anymore and will return to making the world a more beautiful and flowerful place. Not for any dislike I may have for you (which I sincerely hope I don't, but depending on who you are very much might have), but rather for a very intent like/love/infatuation for a certain pie maker who I would be crestfallen to find out was touching people only once. I like a man who can stick to a pattern--touch, 60 seconds, touch again . . . No one likes a repeat offender.

Aaaanyway, if you are among those who never have pushed a daisy, you most likely have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about . . . unless you are like me and a few other choice individuals who are enamored of a certain series involving Ned, pies, and daisies . . . and a few other important elements. But whether you are waiting for your minute to be up, are completely lost by my abstract banter, or are privy to all the inuendo, know this: tonight something magical happened. The stars didn't even have to align and it can happen to you too. All it takes is some first-class cheese, an inspired television series, and possibly a shoulder to rest your head on.

Step 1: Bake your pie with cheese crust
Step 2: Turn on Pushing Daisies
Step 3: Eat your pie and watch PD
Step 4 (optional): share it with someone you love

So the next time your physical science teacher asks you the magic equation, remember the answer is not e=mc2. It is in fact pie+pushing daisies=love. Recap: if ever you feel sad and alone, make yourself a pear and gruyère pie and watch Pushing Daisies--it will change your life.

A special thanks to cheese for making my world go round.

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