Sunday, November 15, 2009

On a Sunday Morning . . . and into the evening

When you have insomnia that keeps you up until 2:00 in the morning and your alarm goes off at 8am, you're not exactly inclined to to heed its call. In fact, you're much more likely to hit snooze or turn it off altogether and roll a safe distance away from it before dozing back to sleep. And believe you me, this is exactly what I wanted to do when after being up until 2:00 in the morning my alarm went off at 8am. But there was another factor involved--several, in fact. The truth is, you can't just send your alarm on a south-bound train every time it goes off before you're ready (which, let's be honest, happens most days). There generally has to be some sort of compromise. An unspoken agreement of "Okay, alarm clock, I'll let you snooze for ten minutes if you let me snooze for ten minutes." Which, in my experience, is typically enough. As far as "another factor" goes, the simple truth is that a girl with hair less than 3 inches long cannot show up at church when her hair has not been washed for 3 days. I think we all know why. So between church, extremely unwashed hair, and a promise I made to myself the night before, I had no choice but to jerk myself from bed this morning the first time my alarm went off. This behavior is directly linked to a powerful (though sometimes overused) word: SACRIFICE.

I think I've always held some sort of belief that sacrifice brings reward--if it didn't, we wouldn't do it. I don't know anyone that's that altruistic . . . or stupid. In this case, the reward came within a few hours of the initial sacrifice. Relief Society, Sunday School . . . Sacrament Meeting. Before it even started I had a smile on my face because the boy who Krista and I fondly refer to as "Draco" and occasionally "Malfoy," when we want variety, was sitting at the front of the room. We all know what that means--he was giving a talk. The highlight of the whole experience can be summed up in one sentence said by Draco himself as he told a story, "I looked more like Snape then, than I look like Malfoy now." *boisterous laughter* Yes, the boy whose name we never knew, but whose identity was always clear acknowledged the resemblance. If that, my dear reader, doesn't make you roll to the ground in a fit of laughter then all I can say is I wish you had been there 'cause it was awesome.

Choir practice was the jam session it always is, and perhaps one day I'll tell you about it. But it will not be this day. This day I tell you a different story. It is the story of three girls, all on different corners of the same intersection, all going different directions, united in a certain purpose. They yelled at each other from their respective corners. And what did they say? "Hey, so what time did we decide?" Yes. We confirmed our visiting teaching across an intersection.

So from alarms to Malfoy to street corners it has been quite the Sunday. Did I miss anything?

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